Brampton Tennis Club

Executive & Board of Directors at the Brampton Tennis Club

The success of the Brampton Tennis Club has depended on the volunteer efforts of its members to organize and participate in the many programs offered. This section lists many of the volunteers, who give up their time for the benefit of others, and without whose help this Club could not operate. We encourage all our members to consider assisting in some manner. To find out how, please contact the BTC’s President or any of the members of the Executive team.

2024 Executives

 President  Lynda Harley  Email
 Vice President  Mary Hill  Email
 Treasurer  Mike Groves  Email
 Membership  Nicole Lopez  Email
 Secretary  Open  Email


2024 Board of Directors

 Chairman  Ken Spiteri
 Director  Bruno Galluzo
 Director  Peter Hollingsworth
 Director  Alison Gembes
 Director  Georgina McLennan
 Director  Kathy Tuitt
 Director  Lynda Harley (acting as past president)

2024 Committee Chairs

 Juniors Development  Sondeep Sharma
 Morning Ladies  Sue Galay
 Daytime Gents  Pat Geale
 House  Gloria Casey