Brampton Tennis Club

House League

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Note: Regular Inter-County Team Players (Mixed, Ladies, and +55) are not permitted to substitute in House Leagues. The Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures are in the House League section of the Club House binder. 

House League Rules
  1. You must be fully paid up to play on, or substitute on a House League team.

  2. The Captain will arrange his/her team from strongest to weakest to ensure good competition. Players are ranked in accordance with the National Tennis Rating System. New members are ranked by the Club Pro prior to placement on a team.

  3. A team usually consists of 4 regular players. If there are more than 4 regular players on a team, the Captain is to give equal playing time to all of them.

  4. If the regulars are not available for play, they must obtain their own substitutes as follows: 
    a) Select a substitute based upon similar gender and equivalent rating. 

    b) Select substitutes in the following priority: 

    – Subs within the House League Sub List 

    – Subs within the Tennis Club membership (Excluding Juniors and ICTA team players)

    – Players on other House League teams who are free and willing to substitute. 
  5. Players are not permitted to be regular members of both Mixed, Ladies, or Plus 55 Inter-County Teams and House League Teams. A regular member of a House League team can play as a substitute on a Mixed or Ladies Inter-County team a maximum of two (2) times. If he/she substitutes three (3) times on an ICTA team, he/she is excluded from further House League play. Exempt from this rule:- Ladies who are regular House League team players are allowed to be regular or substitute players on an ICTA Mixed C, Ladies C or Plus 55 Team.

  6. A player is responsible to inform his/her captain if unable to play and who their replacement is. If a player fails to notify the Captain in the case of absence more than once, they may be replaced on the team by a substitute who is on the waiting list and wants to be a regular member of a team.

  7. If team members are missing, a single player may compete against a doubles team using proportionate court boundaries. (singles to doubles)

  8. Each team must bring a can of good tennis balls.

  9. Warm Up time is limited to fifteen (15) minutes. There is a timer which rings to denote the start and end times of each shift of play. Team players arriving late do not have a warm up.

  10. Each session consists of two matches of forty-five minutes long, the game score being taken at the end of 45 minutes. A maximum of ten (10) points can be scored.

  11. At the end of the first match the point in progress will be completed. If the game is incomplete then the match score prior to that game will be used.

  12. Captains are responsible for recording their team scores. (Game scores plus Bonus points). Bonus Points (maximum of 10) are awarded to each team using regular team members. This is determined by two (2) points per team members and an additional two (2) for a full complement.

  13. Any dispute is to be addressed after the game among the two captains and the House League Chairperson.

  14. Rained out matches will be cancelled. If time allows, they will be re-played at the end of the schedule.

Friday Night House League
Information, Guidelines and Rules
Mission Statement The FNHL is a recreational league intended to provide a modicum of competition but with the emphasis being on a fun, friendly atmosphere. While the league attempts to accommodate all applicants it is expected that those wishing to participate are of a reasonable skill level so not to adversely affect the enjoyment of other players. If someone with inappropriate skill level signs up they may be asked if they would be better served in another program. Rules are necessary but arguments are not. We ask everyone to follow the general etiquette rules of Tennis and remember that the bottom line is friendly and fun.
Teams 8 Teams: each team will consist of a mixture of male and female players balanced as equally as possible from all participants. Each team will be allocated a captain.
Time Friday nights 2 sessions: 7:15pm (7:30pm) and 9:00pm (9:15pm)
Each session is allowed a 15 minute warm-up period
Matches Each team plays 2 separate rounds of 45 minutes each, with each round consisting of 3 matches: The captains are to ensure a "fair mix of play" (see the fine print)
Scoring Points are scored for each of the 6 matches
2 points are awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. A team can score up to a maximum of 12 points per week (2 rounds of 3 matches = 6 matches) (see the fine print)
Substitute Players Individual players may be asked by their captain to arrange their own sub with every effort being made to find one at their own level. (see the fine print)
Defaults If a player (or sub) fails to show for a scheduled match, the matches in which that player is scheduled to play in will be defaulted. (see the fine print)
Fine Print
Defaults There is nothing worse than arriving for a scheduled game to find your opposition has not turned up. In order to encourage the team captains to ensure that they field a full team every week and that the team members know what time to be at the courts, a team will default any match in which a player (regular team member or valid sub) is not available on court to play 20 minutes after the scheduled start time (that is 5 minutes after the end of the warm-up). The score will be recorded as 0-1 for the defaulting team. It is suggested that those players affected by the default play a friendly game for the round (either a game of Australian or singles depending on the situation) and that the captain tries to get someone to sub for the second round.
Scoring When the bell sounds to end a particular period, the game immediately stops and the score reverts back to the last completed game. 
Ie: if team 1 is serving against team 2 and the score is 6-5 and 40-15, then the current game (40-15) does not count the score is recorded as 6-5.
Fair Mix of Play The captains are expected to rotate their players through the different categories so that all players have an equal opportunity of playing with everyone on their team and playing equally between the same sex and mixed categories. At a minimum, a player may not play with the same partner in both 45 minute periods.
Captains with more than 6 players on their teams will be expected to sit all players in a fair and equable way.
Substitute Players A list of eligible substitute players will be provided via email and posted in the clubhouse. It will ultimately be the captains responsibility to ensure a full team is fielded each week although he/she may delegate the responsibility to a team member. If he/she cannot field 6 players from his/her own team then a player from the sub list should be asked to play. Note that each week a team must include at least 2 ladies, and subs should be selected at the same skill level as the person being replaced. As a last resort a player from the other session could be asked to double up (play the full 1 1/2 hours).
  • Captains, at the end of play, please ensure that the scores are entered on the sheet in the clubhouse
  • Early session players: please leave the balls at the net ready for the late session.
  • Late session players: please return the used balls to the clubhouse as they will be used by the Club for lessons.
  • Do not interfere with play on other courts to retrieve a ball. Wait until they have finished their point and ask.