Brampton Tennis Club

Club Rules

The Brampton Tennis Club promotes the sport of “tennis for life”. We foster goodwill, sportsmanship, respect, and fun for all. All members and visitors are expected to encourage and maintain the highest standards of courtesy and fair play. All communications must be respectful of others and must be in the best interests of the club.

We encourage members to bring guests.  Each guest is permitted 2 visits per season. A member may only bring 2 guests per season. Guests and their hosts must sign the guest book in the clubhouse.

A court schedule will be posted regularly.

Court Play.

Drop-in Play.

Singles may be played on any court. When members are waiting, we strongly encourage doubles play.

The booking board shall be used at all times. 

The names of each player, via nametag, on each court shall be noted on the booking board. A name cannot be placed on the board unless the player is present at the club.

Double booking is prohibited…. No player may be placed on the booking board for one court while playing on another. The player can only be placed on the booking board at the end of existing play.

When all courts are full the length of play shall be restricted to a maximum of 60 minutes.

Juniors are entitled to use 4 courts Monday to Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM until the end of school in June. Juniors are strongly encouraged to play prior to 7:30 PM.

Club Etiquette.

Members must leave the courts when groundskeeping staff close courts for maintenance, grooming or emergencies.

Offensive language, disorderly conduct, and damaging of property are not permitted.

The club is a no-smoking, no-vaping venue.


Proper clay court tennis footwear and appropriate tennis attire must be worn. No jeans, cutoffs, or unsuitable shirts are allowed.

Disciplinary Action.

Please refer to the Rules and Procedures. and Bylaw 5 in the clubhouse binder.

Rules of Play.

The Brampton Tennis Club follows all Tennis Canada Rules.